3 Easy Techniques to Strengthen Emotional Awareness, Release Anxiety and Start Living a Happier Life.


None of us enjoy unpleasant or stressful emotions, but guess what, we’re human and we have them.  Unfortunately many of us, including myself at times, have a habit of taking or doing any number of things to keep us from feeling them. In fact, there are multi-billion dollar industries around the world whose entire financial success is built on the ways in which we distract ourselves from our emotions.

But here’s the thing…  if we cover the uncomfortable emotions with distractions, they don’t really go away they just fester and grow.  When this happens, they WILL manifest either as chronic stress and/or disease in the body such as obesity, heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.. This is NOT the life we were put here to live. We are designed to thrive and we can easily start to walk in this direction through emotional awareness.

What I mean by emotional awareness is the act of acknowledging when you have an uncomfortable thought or emotion and then learning how to understand and integrate or release it in a healthy way.  It sounds simple, but we are so entrained in our culture to ignore our internal sensors, we don’t even know we’re doing it.  We just blindly walk to the refrigerator and grab a tub of ice cream when we are not even hungry.


What if you could learn to acknowledge and release uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way? How would your life look without that feeling of depression or anxiety? Who would you be? When we learn emotional awareness, we strengthen our emotional intelligence, thereby taking personal responsibility for how we feel moment to moment, day to day, and year to year. This level of self care can become the bricks which pave the road to a truly happy and beautiful life.

Now for some solutions.

Here’s a few tips from one of my favorite health experts, Dr. Mark Hyman, who stated in an email this morning, “We’ve seen that a greater grasp on emotional understanding correlates to increased happiness and satisfaction, along with better management of stress, while a lack of emotional balance has been linked to poorer outcomes with physical health issues.”

Luckily, we can grow our emotional intelligence and learn to manage our feelings in a graceful way. Here are my top three tips for finding a new relationship to your emotions:

  1. Practice deep breathing. Focus on your breath: expand your diaphragm, inhale slowly and deeply, fill your belly up and let it expand, then exhale slowly and deeply and feel your belly contract. This seemingly simple exercise can change your life. It’s a great way to support the mind-body connection and find a sense of calm. Studies have shown it helps to oxygenate the blood and supports emotional wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and even depression. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, find a quiet space and practice this deep breathing technique for some instant clarity. This is also an excellent way to calm down after a stressful situation, giving you time to reflect so that you don’t react from an emotionally unstable place.
  2. Practice self-compassion. The minute we begin to criticize ourselves our negative thoughts and feelings become amplified. When you notice that critical self-talk creeping in, think about what you would say to a friend sharing those same thoughts with you. Chances are, you’ll be much more nurturing to them than to yourself—use that insight to turn the conversation around and recognize your self-worth. Practicing compassion with yourself and others will continue to support your emotional intelligence, communication, and depth of understanding.
  3. Talk it out. Sometimes all it takes to understand our emotions is sharing them with someone else. And often, saying something out loud can reveal a whole new meaning that you didn’t initially notice by going over it in your own head. Psychodynamic therapy, or talk therapy, has been found to not only alleviate symptoms during active treatment but it also has been shown to improve emotional balance after therapy has ended, thanks to the broad understanding and new perception that was gained.

Acknowledging your own emotional state is an important tool in supporting all of your other health goals. It also makes you a better friend, partner, family member, or co-worker by deepening your ability to understand others.

Emotional wellness is connected to all the areas of your life—stop running away from your feelings and start embracing them with courage. Your health will thank you!





Word of the Year…It’s NOT too Late!

Yes, I know its April but it’s taken me until now to be 100% sure what I wanted my word of the year to be.  My past words have included balance, gratitude, and completion. This year I took a different approach. I asked a question. “What is the one habit or way of being I would like to shift this year?”.  The thing that kept showing itself to me, was how easy it was for me to be shaken up.  This happened in traffic, with my husband, with co-workers, relatives, hell just about anywhere and anytime I had my triggers pushed.

I began to notice my frequent habit of becoming a victim of circumstances. I also noticed, this “habit”, this “reaction”, creates stress in my body. Neither of these two things is appealing to me at all! I want to be a strong person, stress free and full of energy.  So…. what do I need to be? UNSHAKEABLE.

This is the first year I have taken the time to really delve deep into what is wanting to emerge from me, remembering who I am and why I am here on this planet at this time. In order for me to walk the path I’ve chosen, being unshakeable is required.

So I am doing it, daily. When a situation arises and I feel triggered, I simply say “thank you for this opportunity to practice being unshakeable”. At first it wasn’t easy at all, it was actually really damn hard but that is what practice is about, doing something until we master it. Every day is about making clear and mindful choices about how I choose to feel, beyond what anyone else does or says, beyond circumstances I perceive as negative.

This “practice” in itself has become part of MY self-blisscipline. Being strong makes me feel truly blissful. Being in control of how I feel keeps me in balance. THIS is what the concept of self-blisscipline is all about, taking time to discover and remember what it is that makes us truly blissful then putting those things into practice.  Through mastering the art of self-blisscipline we create a bliss filled and inspired life.

Try it yourself.  Ask, “What is seeking to emerge through me?” – “Who am I?” – “What habit or state of being do I want to shift?”, then sit with these questions without expectation and see what unfolds.


Vision Board for 2017 – Easy, Simple, Fun, Powerful and Not Too Late!


I was going to write today about why resolutions don’t work and why vision boarding is better…then I stopped. I’m not really interested in explaining why the standard New Years resolutions do not work or trying to convince you vision boards do work and backing that up with clever quotes from today’s self-help gurus.  My guess is if you are reading this, you already know they work or you are at least opening to the idea of trying one.

So let’s cut to the chase.

I’ve been researching vision boards and came up with two different methods I believe are both equally powerful and very different. One is digitally based  and one is good old-fashioned scissors and glue. I actually love both methods. For either, I recommend taking some time to think about what you want for this year. Be specific and honest. Think about why you want it and how it will feel when you get it.

Here’s the digital tool available right now!! You can read about it below or just go there right this minute and start making your dreams come true. www.dreamitalive.com 

Here are the things I like about it this tool.

  1. Its digital, so no muss no fuss
  2. It has a library of photos to choose from as well as an option for uploading your own images. I was able to pull exactly what I wanted from the internet for a few specific areas. Awesome!
  3. It gives you the opportunity to write a visionary statement to go along with the image you screen-shotchose. I love this because I can now go back anytime and when I hover over the image on my board I see my statement again. Writing it from the perspective it has already happened is a powerful way to bring what you want into your life.
  4. The website has ways to connect to other people making vision boards along with content and tools designed to help you with your intentions and visioning.
  5. You can pay a small fee of $2.99 to print and download your board or you can access it digitally through their website any time you like for free.

Here is the board I made. It took about 30 minutes. It was a fun and creative way to kick off the last day of 2016. It helped me gain clarity about what I want to bring into my life this year and why.


Now to discuss the old-fashioned method (time to get messy)

This is tried and true. As an artist I love this method because I am using my hands and making a big giant visionary mess all over the living room! Its part of the process so just embrace it.

Here is my method.

  1. Grab a bunch of magazines and / or go on the internet and find images that relate to how you want to feel as well as things that you want in your life. Print out the images.
  2. Go through the magazines and rip out anything that makes you feel good or  represents things you want to manifest this year in your life. Do not think to long and hard about it.  This speeds up the process and taps into your intuition, getting the monkey mind out-of-the-way.
  3. Take some time to go back through the images and make final selections.  You will ditch some and keep some, its part of the process.
  4. Cut them out anyway you like and glue them to your board.

There is no right or wrong way, but I did find this great video online which gives a deep and thorough explanation of how to make a really powerful board. Do not let it intimidate you, this girl went all out. And its awesome!

I hope you have fun making your board! Happy New Year!







The 21 Day Complaining Fast

There is an old saying that goes something like…”if you don’t like the world around you, change your view of the world.” This could come across as just a cliche’ or even more so, a bunch of bullshit because “have you seen the news this morning?”

This does not diminish the FACT that perception creates experience.  I know this (deep down) but guess what, I still complain all the time. I mean ALL the time.  My dark secret revealed. Traffic sucks,  Trump sucks, Hillary sucks, I hate living in the city, My butts too big… you get the picture.

I wrote the bulk of this (below) post two years ago and the results were amazing. I’ve decided its time to do it again. I need it! Recent events both worldly and personal have instigated the need for a perception shift. As of today I declare for myself a 21 day complaining fast.

So if you have something negative, gossipy or whiny to say,  kindly and with much love, I ask you to keep it to yourself.  If you resonate with what I have said at all, join me and lets see if we can start a revolution of positivity. One thing is for sure, it won’t harm anything and it just might make our lives a little bit brighter.

Are you up for a challenge?

Commit to not complaining (this includes gossiping) about ANYTHING for 21 days. If you complain, then you start over at day 1 and do it again. Sounds simple, but once you try it you’ll realize that most of the conversation in our society centers around complaining, which lets face it. Is essentially whining and nobody wants to hear that shit.

But don’t fret – if you slip up, turn it around. Let’s say, you say, “This traffic sucks.” (you realize you just complained) “but…now I can finally finish that audio book I started.” It completely changes the energy of the situation from negative to positive which raises your vibration thus bringing more positive people and situations into your life.

Here’s a video I found by Rabbi Telushkin, where he talks a little more about not complaining. He suggests going complaint free for a day but I say push yourself. Go 21 days and see what happens. I promise you’ll happier by day 22 and so will the people around you.

8 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint Free (borrowed from Christine Kane)

First off, let’s get one thing out-of-the-way:

This is not about “being nice.” This is much deeper.

It’s about understanding the power of your Attention.

If you have a big juicy intention or goal – then your attention is the daily practice of manifesting that goal or dream.  It is the essence of Creativity.

I want you to experience the power of shifting your attention from the so-called problem, so it can attract the many solutions!

Here are 8 Irresistible Reasons to Go Complaint-Free Today:

1 – When you’re complaint-free, you find solutions rather than staying mucked in the problem.

If you don’t offer yourself the option of complaining, then you train your brain to actually find solutions and get ideas. As Maya Angelou says, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

2 – When you’re complaint-free, you shrink your ego.

Complaining is like weight-training for your ego.

It makes your ego stronger because it makes someone or something else wrong. And it makes YOU right. Your ego gets puffed up.  When you cease the complaining/criticizing/gossiping habit, you tell your ego that your spirit is in charge, not your ego!

3 – After 21-Days, you’ve started a new habit and created a new you.

Research shows that it takes 21-days to form a new habit.  And while it does take some trial and error to get through those 21-days, most of my clients notice that after only 7-days, they tolerate negativity less.  After 2-weeks, they report that when they slip up, they instantly self-correct!

4 – When you’re complaint-free, it’s a conversation starter.

Imaginary scenario:

Hal rushes into your office to complain (gossip) about a co-worker.

You get to smile and say, “Gosh Hal, you know, I’d love to join in, but I’m in the middle of a complaining fast.”

Hal says, “Huh? What’s that?”

Poof!  The energy of the conversation shifts!  It goes in a different direction, and you experience wildly exciting lightness where gossip would have once existed!

5 – When you’re complaint-free, it’s a conversation deepener.

Hal will listen for a while and then say, “Wow, that’s a great idea. I’ve noticed how easy it is to complain, and I want to be more self-responsible…”

You’ll share a deeper connection when you each admit your authentic dreams and goals.

6 – When you’re complaint-free, you attract new energy.

When you go complaint free, you simply start attracting more positive people to you. The negative people will walk away and think you’re a complete idiot. But then, you’ll start noticing positive curious people entering your life because you’re so much fun to be around.

7 – When you’re complaint-free, you banish lazy thinking.

Think about it.

You can’t get much lazier than complaining and gossiping.  It’s the same well-worn neural pathway you’ve trudged down day after day, along with 99% of the population. When you’re complaint-free, you go a different route. With alertness and alacrity, you find new ways of seeing things. (Plus, you get to use words like alacrity!)

8 – When you’re complaint-free, you create happiness.

It’s challenging at first, yes.

But after a few weeks, the common response I get from my clients is this:  “You know what?  I’m SO much happier!”

That’s because complaining is just a habit, and it does nothing but drag us down. When your attention is forced to find new places to land, your subconscious becomes a “happiness-seeking missile.”  And because you’re so powerful, you find it!

How Doing Nothing Can Lead to Everything


Chillen in den Grasbergen

German Philosopher Josef Pieper once wrote, “Leisure is a form of that stillness that is necessary preparation for accepting reality; only the person who is still can hear, and whoever is not still, cannot hear. “

If we cannot hear,  we stand the chance of missing those occasional divine whispers which guide us towards the discovery of our most authentic selves. The moments when we hear the answer, see the solution, understand our next steps.

Unplugging from tasks and taking time to do nothing, on a daily basis, just might lead you to everything you are seeking as well as magical adventures you did not know were possible. I for one am willing to give it a try.

Here’s a great, short video, I love. Its an artsy little film by George Abingdon. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you take time today to stop and listen.


How to Use New Moon Energy and the Planets to Manifest



Today is March 1st. The day of the New Moon when the Aquarius New Moon cycle ends and the  Pisces New Moon cycle begins. This New Moon in Pisces is a good time to focus on  specific goals and positive energies expressed by the sign of the Fish. These include… taking a leap of faith, starting a project that requires imagination and visualization skills, accepting imperfections in others and ourselves, consciously putting aside time for rejuvenating activities and sharing a dream with another person or group. This Pisces energy is potent and provides us a chance to make important change in our lives.

Creating and participating in a New Moon ritual provides a “super power boost” to conscious manifestation.  Rituals bring meaning by charging an intention with power. Combining ritual with the energies of the stars as explained above will create a powerful force guaranteed to give your intentions the right fertilization to become manifest.

I found this easy to follow New Moon ceremony guide on About.com. I plan on doing this today and I thought you might want to join in. Hope you enjoy and happy manifesting!

Prep for Upcoming New Moon Manifestation

1. Set aside 20-30 minutes for the ritual.

2. Gather the following suggested supplies.

◦ notebooks

◦ pen and colored markers

◦ scissors

◦ scotch tape

◦ candle

◦ matches

◦ incense

◦ smudge sticks

◦ meditation CD

3. Prepare yourself a sacred space where to perform the ceremony when the new moon arrives.

Setting your New Moon Intentions in Motion

1. Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer, a sage smudging, and/or by burning some incense.

2. Light one or more candles.

3. Center your being and calm yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you. Take some deep cleansing breaths, slip in a meditation CD to listen to, and/or leisurely sip on a cup of relaxing herbal tea.

4. Open your notebook, and date the first page. Write down these words “I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.” or something similar. Below your affirmation statement, begin writing down your desires. Your list may consist of only one item or you may have several pages written down. Try not to limit yourself. If having many things in your life helps to fulfill you then don’t deny yourself wanting these things.

5. During the month when an item on your new moon list comes to you, don’t merely cross it off of your list, take the time to rewrite the list in its entirety eliminating the manifested item from the listing. This is highly recommended. At the same time you may add whatever else that you have decided you would like. Feel free to reword any of the original phrases if they better fit your life now. It is natural that your desires will change as time advances.

6. A second notebook will be used as a manifestation scrapbook where you paste in pictures or catalog clippings of items that you want to manifest. This is a fun project so enjoy yourself. You will soon be amazed how these things begin to find their way into your life once you start this process.

Rededicating your New Moon Intentions

Each month at the new moon rededicate your intentions by renewing your list at a repeated ritual. This is accomplished by rewriting your list out using a fresh sheet of paper. Don’t get in the habit of simply scratching out the items you no longer desire and adding the new stuff to the bottom of your old list. You don’t want clutter and sloppiness energies messing up your new stuff do you? Disregard any items that no longer feed your soul and add new things that do.

It is helpful to salt and pepper your manifest list with smaller items that will manifest quickly, such as tickets to the ballet, lunch with a friend, or a day at the spa. You may think that smaller things are too trivial to put on your intention list… Wrong! Things that tend to manifest with little effort still deserve to be written down. Write down everything that you desire, no matter how little or simple. If it is something that makes you happy, write it down. Manifesting smaller items on our lists actually creates a steady flow of energy to the list. These smaller manifestations create movement, allowing an ebb and flow of the tides. We are dealing here with the moon cycles after all. Besides, sometimes we forget to appreciate the smaller pleasures in our lives while we are waiting for the BIG stuff to come in. If you only write statements like, “I want to win the lottery” in your notebook then you are limiting yourself by not allowing abundance to flow to you from other avenues.






What’s Your 2014 Word of The Year?



It is nearing the end of January.   After a month of meditating and introspection it has become very clear to me that “balance” best defines everything I want to cultivate this year.

Last year I launched my own business. Having had this dream for such a long time, I threw everything  into it, working tirelessly to get it up and running in the pursuit of financial freedom.  I did this without much structure or intention.

Slowly, throughout the year, I felt many things in my life falling out of balance. This included my health, my marriage, my finances, and my sanity. I was working my proverbial ass off to get the business moving. In retrospect  I could have worked less AND kept my sanity if I had only taken time to set my intentions.

This year I am reclaiming my bliss by setting my intentions and creating my “word” for 2014.

Coming up with a “word of the year” was a tool I learned from one of my mentors, Christine Kane.  The first year I tried this, I experienced a profound evolution within myself.  I believe this evolution was a direct result from my setting my intentions for the year.

So, after much deliberation I decided on “BALANCE” as my word for 2014.  I am going to take the image you see here and print it, then put it up in my house so it reminds me of my intention whenever I look at it. I recommend you do the same with your word. Find an image or create one with your word on it and put it where you will see it everyday.

What can you see within yourself that you want to cultivate?

What is your word of the year?

Some people like to keep their word personal and close to their heart. Personally, I find if I shout it from the rooftops, it creates a bigger vibration for me and better results. If you are like me, please share your word with us, we’d love to hold it in vision for you.

Here is a helpful and fun video created by Christine Kane explaining the power of picking a word of the year.  She even includes a “word of the year discovery tool” to help you select your word with clarity and intention. She made this video in 2009, but the information is timeless.

I hope you get as much out of this practice as I do.

Have fun, and may 2014 bring you buckets full of bliss! Cheers!