What’s Your Word of The Year?

I want this year to be the best year ever, not just for myself, but for you too!

Last January during a women’s workshop I was introduced to the idea of selecting a “word of the year”.  At the time, it seemed so simple. I didn’t have  faith  it would have much impact on anything in my life. I was wrong;  surprisingly (wonderfully) wrong. Picking my word last year (truth) had such a powerful impact on my life, it actually set me on a completely different path.  I believe my intentions for selecting this word, created situations in my life that forced me to deal with what was true to me and in turn helped me get very clear about the life I wanted to begin living.

One of my mentors, Christine Kane, was kind enough to create this cool video explaining the power of picking a word of the year.  She even includes a “word of the year discovery tool” to help you select your word of the year with clarity and intention. I hope you get as much out of this practice as I continue to.

Enjoy and Happiest of New Years to You!


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