A Round of Applause Please!

If you’re not sure what you want in the new year, then commit to getting clear. This sounds simple, but can be a bit challenging, especially if you are feeling down about last year or last month. Maybe you’re feeling down about life in general? So, step one to getting clear, is giving yourself a pat on the back. For what? For everything you have done in your life that you are proud of.

Giving yourself some much-needed applause allows you to acknowledge and celebrate you. To be clear, I am not talking about just the BIG things like getting a huge promotion, making the dean’s list in college 3 years in a row, becoming Ms. Arizona etc… (although those are all valid and should definitely be on the list). I am also talking about accomplishments like riding a bike for the first time, doing an act of kindness for someone that made you feel really good, getting out of bed this morning even though you felt really depressed, or making a friend laugh when they were down. It’s all about giving yourself a pat on the back for everything you are proud of.

The exercise is so simple. I promise you will love it! You are going to get out a piece of paper and write a list of the 100 things you have done in your life you are proud of. WHAT!!?? 100??!!! Yep, that is the goal, though the first time I did this exercise I only got to about 30, but I just kept adding to it. You’ll be surprised at the happy thoughts you bring up about yourself. If 100 intimidates you, then just set a timer for 20 minutes and write as many as you can think of. Then, put the list by your bed or in another handy place and keep adding to it as you remember all the awesome and amazing things you have done.

Bringing in the light, dissipates the dark and allows you to clear, giving you the ability to manifest what you want in your life.  In the days and weeks to come, I’ll be sharing with you tips and exercises on getting clear.

Have fun and remember…Live BIG!


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