Loving Your Lady Parts as a Path to Success

joyFriday afternoon everyone around me was looking forward to the three day weekend. I was coming down with a cold. Instead of cookouts, live music, and warm sunshine by the pool I spent three days on the couch blowing my nose and catching up on computer work.

This included watching many Ted talks and serendipitously coming across a lady who is now one of my new heroines, Alisa Vitti.

This video was perfect timing. It is all about how aligning our “lady parts” as she calls them will inevitably and naturally help align the rest of our lives.

(and, no she’s not talking about our junk, she’s talking about our internal system that makes us creators – uterus, ovaries, hormones, etc…)

This is eye opening information that every woman should be taught from a young age.  Click the link below to change your perspective and possibly your life. Enjoy!


Does Your Business Squeeze The Joy Out of Your Passion?


I love my career….and sometimes I want to bang my head against my desk while saying “why did I have to start my own business – I just want a regular job and weekends off!!” 

This morning I was grateful to wake up and see this very appropriate article in Christine Kane’s e-zine and I wanted to share it with you.  

Seth Godin once wrote: “In order to monetize your work, you’ll probably corrupt it, taking out the magic in search of dollars…”

In other words, when you choose to follow your passion, and make it into your business, there will be a point when the magic and heart will take a back seat to commerce.

It’s enough to stop you in your tracks, isn’t it?

It almost stopped me way back when I was contemplating going full time as a performer and songwriter.  The “business vs passion” thoughts raced through my head at top speed when I was first debating that leap.

These same thoughts worry many people I meet who are just beginning their businesses.

The deeper truth is that until you decide to do something, all the deliberating in the world means nothing.  Your business, as it turns out, is a lot like marriage.  You’re entering into a relationship with something – be it music, consulting, marketing or coaching.

When you enter a relationship with something, you are almost certainly going to love it sometimes, hate it sometimes, obsess sometimes, and want to take a one-way flight to Anything-But-This sometimes.

This is what most people would call “taking the joy” out of it.

Click HERE for the complete article