Loving Your Lady Parts as a Path to Success

joyFriday afternoon everyone around me was looking forward to the three day weekend. I was coming down with a cold. Instead of cookouts, live music, and warm sunshine by the pool I spent three days on the couch blowing my nose and catching up on computer work.

This included watching many Ted talks and serendipitously coming across a lady who is now one of my new heroines, Alisa Vitti.

This video was perfect timing. It is all about how aligning our “lady parts” as she calls them will inevitably and naturally help align the rest of our lives.

(and, no she’s not talking about our junk, she’s talking about our internal system that makes us creators – uterus, ovaries, hormones, etc…)

This is eye opening information that every woman should be taught from a young age.  Click the link below to change your perspective and possibly your life. Enjoy!


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