What’s Your 2014 Word of The Year?



It is nearing the end of January.   After a month of meditating and introspection it has become very clear to me that “balance” best defines everything I want to cultivate this year.

Last year I launched my own business. Having had this dream for such a long time, I threw everything  into it, working tirelessly to get it up and running in the pursuit of financial freedom.  I did this without much structure or intention.

Slowly, throughout the year, I felt many things in my life falling out of balance. This included my health, my marriage, my finances, and my sanity. I was working my proverbial ass off to get the business moving. In retrospect  I could have worked less AND kept my sanity if I had only taken time to set my intentions.

This year I am reclaiming my bliss by setting my intentions and creating my “word” for 2014.

Coming up with a “word of the year” was a tool I learned from one of my mentors, Christine Kane.  The first year I tried this, I experienced a profound evolution within myself.  I believe this evolution was a direct result from my setting my intentions for the year.

So, after much deliberation I decided on “BALANCE” as my word for 2014.  I am going to take the image you see here and print it, then put it up in my house so it reminds me of my intention whenever I look at it. I recommend you do the same with your word. Find an image or create one with your word on it and put it where you will see it everyday.

What can you see within yourself that you want to cultivate?

What is your word of the year?

Some people like to keep their word personal and close to their heart. Personally, I find if I shout it from the rooftops, it creates a bigger vibration for me and better results. If you are like me, please share your word with us, we’d love to hold it in vision for you.

Here is a helpful and fun video created by Christine Kane explaining the power of picking a word of the year.  She even includes a “word of the year discovery tool” to help you select your word with clarity and intention. She made this video in 2009, but the information is timeless.

I hope you get as much out of this practice as I do.

Have fun, and may 2014 bring you buckets full of bliss! Cheers!


Making a Dream Board in 20 Minutes



Step One: Cut out pictures of things you love.

Step Two: Paste them onto paper.

Step Three: Realize your life’s ambition?

It may not work exactly like this, but its not too far off.  I’ve made many dream boards in my adult life. I used to call them vision boards because I would sit down, make a five year plan, outline goals, look at material items I desired, then culminate it all into one big pile of images and paste them on a board. I found this method tedious and sometimes – oftentimes – not heart felt.   What I came to realize is,  it is how I feel when I look at the images which helps to alter the flow of energy around me.  It is not the image itself.

So, I started going through magazines quickly and with intuition only pulling images that I got a big “ah-ha or ooh” feeling from. Once I had a big pile, I went back through and did the same thing again.  What resulted is a board full of images that made my heart sing.

Doing this is a very fun and creative meditative practice which helps to align your higher self with your physical body, which is how manifestation of dreams is seeded.

Now, normally, I love paper and magazines and cutting and pasting and getting messy. However, this morning I found this really cool digital tool on Oprah.com. It lets you make a digital vision board (and no you don’t have to be a photoshop pro to do this) easily AND its super fun.  I took about 20 minutes this morning to make one and it changed the outlook on my whole day.  It helped me remember who I am and what I want right now in my life.  This my dear friends, is how dreams are made real.

Check it out…















Click HERE to make a digital vision board now.

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