Making a Dream Board in 20 Minutes



Step One: Cut out pictures of things you love.

Step Two: Paste them onto paper.

Step Three: Realize your life’s ambition?

It may not work exactly like this, but its not too far off.  I’ve made many dream boards in my adult life. I used to call them vision boards because I would sit down, make a five year plan, outline goals, look at material items I desired, then culminate it all into one big pile of images and paste them on a board. I found this method tedious and sometimes – oftentimes – not heart felt.   What I came to realize is,  it is how I feel when I look at the images which helps to alter the flow of energy around me.  It is not the image itself.

So, I started going through magazines quickly and with intuition only pulling images that I got a big “ah-ha or ooh” feeling from. Once I had a big pile, I went back through and did the same thing again.  What resulted is a board full of images that made my heart sing.

Doing this is a very fun and creative meditative practice which helps to align your higher self with your physical body, which is how manifestation of dreams is seeded.

Now, normally, I love paper and magazines and cutting and pasting and getting messy. However, this morning I found this really cool digital tool on It lets you make a digital vision board (and no you don’t have to be a photoshop pro to do this) easily AND its super fun.  I took about 20 minutes this morning to make one and it changed the outlook on my whole day.  It helped me remember who I am and what I want right now in my life.  This my dear friends, is how dreams are made real.

Check it out…















Click HERE to make a digital vision board now.

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